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Read commentary from leading real estate appraiser Peter L. Zachary MAI, MRICS on the current Real Estate and Housing Market News and its implications.

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How can you know for sure that the real estate appraiser you hire is someone who you can rely on for fair, honest and reliable work?

A great place to start is Appraisers Online. We can put you in touch with the people in your area. If we list a real estate appraiser, he or she has the real estate appraisal and home appraisal credentials needed to help you with any type of property transaction. Whether you want to refinance, purchase or secure a loan on a single-family home, condominium, cooperative, multifamily building, vacant lot, or a commercial or industrial building, we've got the people to make it happen.

Finding real estate appraisal and home appraisal professionals is just part of our business.

Finding real estate appraisers known in your area to have outstanding appraisal credentials is just one step in helping you reach your goals. We can also provide you terrific local contacts who can deliver affordable insurance, low rate loans and mortgages and legal assistance when needed.

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A comparative market analysis (CMA) generated by an agency may not give you the total picture. A licensed professional will give you a more accurate view of what your property is truly worth based on closed market comparables. When you see the completed report you will be able to see the closed market data used to estimate value.

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